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Oil Review spoke with Intisaar Kindy, director of exploration at Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and president of its women’s network Hawa, in advance of ADIPEC. She spoke at the ADIPEC Women in Energy conference on 9 November in the session on ‘Innovating through the Downturn’

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World energy leaders, government officials, decision makers, and more than 100,000 oil and gas trade professionals from 125 countries are gearing up for ADIPEC 2016, to be held from 7-10 November at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC)

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Adionics successfully completes full salts extraction from different real produced water, for oil and gas industry

Adionics, who took part in the ADIPEC Exhibition and conference 2016 in Abu Dhabi, is pleased to announce the launch of O&G SELECTEX, a selective extraction solution for O&G produced water desalination/injection water.

When SMARTEX which was launched at WETEX 15 in Dubai, is able to smartly extract families of ions in line with Mendeleev classification columns, such as alkali metals (cations+) or alkaline earth metals (cations++), SELECTEX takes the technology one step further. SELECTEX is able to pick out from high saline waters one or two or three cations like for instance sodium, potassium, calcium, strontium or barium as neutral salts, to meet the process specification, while the other ones are left in the treated water. This new approach was expected to become a major breakthrough in many industries such as pharmaceutical, chemicals, oil & gas as well as mining.

SELECTEX stands for selective extraction and is a declination of AquaOmnes® technology. Adionics revealed this technology on the occasion of the last IFAT fair (Munich, May 2014) and further industrial variants for brines and industrial water at IWS15 and WETEX15. AquaOmnes removes salts from saline water by liquid-liquid extraction whatever the salinity without being limited by any scaling barrier.

Latest campaigns of tests on 3 different types of real produced water, with TDS ranging from 30 up to 180 grams per litre, have confirmed SELECTEX technology fully operates in challenging process water conditions such as presence of free and dissolved hydrocarbons and high suspended solids. Some of these campaigns have been performed by a major player in the O&G industry and will be the subject of a Paper published during the ADIPEC exhibition.

Thierry Darde, the EVP Sales & Marketing of Adionics said: “Thanks to oil & gas SELECTEX, ADIONICS solution is able to treat high saline produced water and remove some salts, for instance calcium and/or strontium and/or barium, or even sulphate when other ones, for instance Sodium and/or Chloride are left in the treated water. This new approach in the world of enhancement oil recovery is expected to become a major breakthrough for this industry. The first pilots are to be implemented in the field in 2017.”

At the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC), 7 - 10 November, Siemens demonstrated how digitalisation and innovation can address the challenges of the oil and gas sector

Despite lower oil prices, the company’s leading industry solutions across the entire value chain can help companies boost competitiveness and cut costs. Siemens and its Dresser-Rand business demonstrated at ADIPEC how the right combination of solutions, services and products can bolster safety, increase reliability, and drive efficiency, from drilling pad to refinery.

Another key topic addressed by Siemens at ADIPEC 2016 was turning data into value for oil and gas companies. Siemens showed to it can support companies to achieve this through its portfolio of proven innovative digital solutions, which integrate operational technology and information technologies to reduce complexity and risks. 

During the conference, held alongside the trade show, Lisa Davis, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, engaged in a panel discussion on 8 November. The panel was entitled ‘Global Business Leaders – Implementing effective leadership strategies for the new energy landscape’. 

“In today’s rapidly-changing energy sector, supporting our regional customers to mitigate market fluctuations is a top priority,” said Dietmar Siersdorfer, CEO of Siemens in the UAE and Middle East. “Our customized digital solutions for the region’s oil and gas companies help them drive down costs, while increasing productivity and security.” 

Siemens also invited attendees to engage with its experts on cyber security and LNG compression at the company’s booth. Leo Simonovich, director of global cyber strategy and product development at Siemens AG, explained how Siemens’ digital solutions are helping protect industry players from cyber threats, a top concern for the oil and gas industry. 

On the LNG side, Patrice Bardon, Vice President Client Service LNG at Siemens’ Dresser-Rand business, demonstrated how equipment configurations can be used to drive main refrigeration compressors for given liquefaction processes and discuss the relative benefits of each. Whether a business is planning its next LNG liquefaction plant or an import terminal, Siemens has a broad range of technologies enabling it to operate such assets safely and economically.

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