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GPT Industries webinar: Combatting flange face corrosion in the Middle East

Pipeline flange face corrosion is a critical concern for the water, oil and gas industries

Pipeline corrosion professionals in the Middle East must navigate various challenges such as an increase in chemicals in pipelines, the use of steam, increased pressures and temperatures, fire safety, sour gas and emissions reduction.

At a webinar hosted by GPT Industries in association with Oil Review Middle East, Ian Kinnear, product manager at GPT Industries, addressed the increasingly challenging pipeline conditions in the region, the ramifications of flange face corrosion and the strategies for preventing it. He addressed whether traditional isolation methods can effectively tackle the emerging challenges within the pipeline sector; outlined the most recent advances in isolation systems and technologies that enable the mitigation of pipeline corrosion risks; and explained how by adopting the right approaches, companies can significantly reduce maintenance costs and enhance the safety and reliability of their infrastructure.

The presentation was followed by a lively question and answer session.

 Watch the video here: