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Yokogawa releases OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer for visualisation and reduction of CO2 emissions

Image source: Yokogawa


Yokogawa Electric Corporation, which provides advanced measurement and control solutions across a broad range of industries, has released the OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer, a cloud service that enables the visualisation and reduction of CO2 emissions in the process manufacturing industries

OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer calculates CO2 emissions based on measurement data and other types of primary information collected from instrumentation systems, power monitors, and other systems, and facilitates the formulation of strategies for calculating and reducing CO2 emissions.

For the calculation of CO2 emissions, this service integrates with the SAP Sustainability Footprint Management service and SAP ERP solutions, enabling the visualisation and management of product carbon footprint (PCF) based on European standards.

Product features include quick and accurate assessment of emissions data for verification of emissions reduction measures, using Yokogawa’s data collection technology, with automatic collection of data from sensors and systems; and the creation of dashboard displays and outputs reports supporting European CO2 emission-related laws and regulations. It also includes provision of consultation on emissions reduction in tandem with energy management systems (EMS) that reduce CO2 emisison by optimising energy consumption and improving the procurement of raw materials.

The solution is suited for applications including plant monitoring, operation, control data acquisition and record keeping, in sectors including oil and gas, pipelines and other transportation processes, and plants for petrochemicals, chemicals, renewable energy, electric power, pulp and paper, food and pharmaceuticals, steel, non-ferrous metals, water distribution, water treatment, etc.

OpreX is the brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation and control business. It comprises the five categories of OpreX Transformation, OpreX Control, OpreX Measurement, OpreX Execution, and OpreX Lifecycle. OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer is in the OpreX Transformation category, which focuses on operational excellence from production through to supply chain optimisation and risk and business management.