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Transforming operations with Smart Digital Reality solutions

Hexagon's Smart Digital Reality can help companies achieve operational excellence by realising value from their data. (Image source: Hexagon)


In an exclusive discussion with Joseph El Bitar, VP and General Manager Middle East at Hexagon, we found out how Hexagon’s digital solutions create value and help build a digital backbone for companies. Joseph also touched on what Hexagon will be showcasing at EGYPES 2024

How are Hexagon's solutions transforming the lifecycle of oil and gas projects and promoting sustainable operations?

We provide companies with a unique value proposition: bridging the gap between projects and operations and helping them achieve operational excellence by creating their Smart Digital Reality.

On the operational side, we provide a full spectrum of solutions to operate, maintain and secure oil and gas assets. It includes a digital backbone that can organise information management in a single place, and provide a role-based single-pane-of-glass for operations and maintenance. We also provide oil and gas companies with the ability to digitise and integrate mission-critical processes, such as shift handover, control-of-work, process safety and alarm management.

As a result, we are able to meet companies where they are and help them achieve measurable, transformative results in terms of safety, efficiency, quality and productivity, and improved work processes.

How is business going for you this year? Do you see any areas of growth and do you have any plans for expanding your business?

Hexagon's sustained growth demonstrates the value that we are bringing to our customers. Today, it is estimated that Hexagon's technologies are driving efficiency for more than half of all oil and gas processed worldwide.

In the Middle East, Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence Division, known as "Hexagon PPM Middle East," is well established with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Bahrain. The Hexagon team in the region is a family of 120+. 

Down the pipeline, we plan to establish other business offices across other GCC & ME countries. We are collaborating with more than 50 key players, all the key owners, EPCs and others in the region.

What will be your focus at EGYPES, and how do you hope to benefit from taking part?

Hexagon's Middle East team is thrilled to attend the upcoming Egypes and showcase our latest advancements. Our exhibition will revolve around cutting-edge and autonomous technologies and Smart Digital Reality solutions that can help companies maintain safe and sustainable operations and support their journey towards decarbonisation and net zero. 

We always seek opportunities to engage with our esteemed customers and create spaces where our thought leaders and experts can share valuable insights and knowledge. Furthermore, we are confident that we will develop new connections that will lead to more business opportunities.

How do you view the market for your solutions in Egypt?

The market in Egypt holds significant potential for growth and development. As a leading technology solutions provider, we can address various needs across different industries such as construction, manufacturing or infrastructure. 

Egypt has witnessed rapid urbanisation and infrastructure development, presenting opportunities for Hexagon's solutions to support efficient planning, design and execution of construction projects. Additionally, as the manufacturing sector is growing, our advanced solutions can enhance productivity and quality for local manufacturers. 

Lastly, Egypt's focus on digital transformation and innovation aligns well with Hexagon's expertise in leveraging data-driven solutions for improved decision-making and operational safety. 

Hexagon PPM Middle East is exhibiting on Stand 2A17 at the Egypt Energy Show (EGYPES), which takes place from 19-21 February at Egypt International Exhibition Center, Cairo.