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The AI revolution in oil and gas

Wassim Ghadban, vice president, Global Innovation & Digital Engineering, Engineering & Consulting at Kent.


In an exclusive piece for Oil Review Middle East, Wassim Ghadban, vice president, Global Innovation & Digital Engineering, Engineering & Consulting at Kent plc, outlines how AI solutions are revolutionising the entire value chain in oil and gas

“Digital technology alone is no longer seen as disruptive unless it incorporates AI,” Ghadban comments. “Automation is evolving beyond mere efficiency to true autonomy. AI is emerging as the secret weapon to accelerate emission reduction and enhance safety in the oil and gas industry. From generating insightful analyses to autonomously operating plants and providing intelligent recommendations, AI is set to redefine the future of this sector.

Generative AI sets itself apart from other forms of machine learning and artificial intelligence in its generative nature. Rather than merely analysing data, generative AI produces new data across all forms of media – text, code, images, audio, video, and more. This ability to generate new content opens up a world of possibilities in the oil and gas industry. One of the most remarkable capabilities of AI in oil and gas is its potential to autonomously generate comprehensive analyses and operational recommendations. Imagine AI systems creating detailed operational reports, predictive maintenance schedules, and even safety protocols, all based on real-time data and historical trends. Imagine a scenario where an AI system continuously monitors plant operations, identifies inefficiencies, and provides real-time optimisation suggestions. This level of intelligence not only boosts productivity but also ensures higher safety standards and significant reductions in downtime and emissions. The potential for innovation is immense.”

Ghadban goes on to discuss the changes in practices and ways of working required to embrace AI, and the importance of collaboration.

“Let us embrace and thrive in this revolution, augmenting our capabilities with AI rather than replacing them. By maintaining our core values and leveraging AI, we can shape a sustainable and innovative future for the oil and gas industry,” he concludes.

You can read the full article here