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TDI-Brooks completes fourth phase of deepwater geotechnical coring and CPT project


TDI-Brooks has been successful in completing phase four of a deepwater geotechnical coring and CPT project for DenAr Ocean Engineering SA 

TDI-Brooks utilised their Jumbo Piston Cores (JPC) and CPT Stinger geotechnical tools and operators to the ongoing project off Turkey in the Black Sea.

The PROTEUS is outfitted with TDI-Brooks’ complete geotechnical tool kit including a suite of innovative geotechnical tools for soil sampling and CPT measurement. The PROTEUS also has a Kongsberg EM-710 (1×1) hull-mounted multibeam (MBES) for surveys to ~2,500m water depth for performing surface geochemical 'seep-hunting' (SGE) and seabed heat flow surveys (HF).

The PROTEUS is Vanuatu registered, fully SOLAS compliant, and serves clients globally. The TDI-Brooks fleet is operated within a robust Safety Management System and all vessels are regularly vetted by client marine assurance groups and a part of the OCIMF Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID). Its field services are supplemented by high quality analytical and geotechnical laboratories located in College Station, Texas.