Tackling corrosion in the Middle East

Geeta Rana developed a solution for protecting assets and preventing failures, even when faced with elevated levels of oxygen. (Image source: ChampionX)


Corrosion can be a major threat to the integrity of pipelines and production assets, particularly in the Middle East, due to extreme environmental conditions. Hence, corrosion management and control are vital for oil and gas operators and transporters to maintain asset integrity

Although various corrosion control tools can be utilised, the use of corrosion inhibitor technologies is a preferred defence measure against corrosion in the region. The ChampionX chemical technologies portfolio has been proven to reduce the risk of upstream and midstream corrosion, and one of the ChampionX team at the forefront of the development of new corrosion technologies is Geeta Rana. She has worked as a global production chemistry solutions leader for 15 years, progressing from senior chemist in the company’s research and development department to senior staff scientist, with her current focus in the midstream sector in corrosion management and gas processing. An Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) member, Geeta has helped ChampionX develop many innovative technologies, including a multi-functional anti-agglomerant and corrosion inhibition product, a high-temperature stable hydrogen sulphide (H2S) scavenger, and a corrosion inhibitor with an improved environmental profile. She has co-authored nine patents in the areas of corrosion and H2S management. 

 “Through these opportunities, I’ve developed and improved my skills to understand and create technologies that make a difference to producers and the future of the industry. When the stakes are raised, it motivates me, and I’m always enthusiastic to deliver results.

“Our latest corrosion inhibitor is extremely exciting for our clients as it allows corrosion protection even in elevated levels of oxygen. In a recent field trial utilising the technology, the product showed superior corrosion protection performance against both CO2 and H2S in the presence of oxygen,” Geeta revealed. “As operators in the Middle East implement this technology, they should quickly experience the improvements it delivers across both upstream and midstream activities.” 

Another technology that has been a focus for Geeta is a low-toxicity corrosion inhibitor for high-temperature and high-shear applications. This solution is the outcome of an increased requirement for corrosion inhibitor products that allow E&P companies to be compliant with regulatory guidelines while enhancing productivity. 

As one of the organisation’s many trusted experts, Geeta cites the company’s culture and team-centric approach as playing an integral part to the firm’s competitive edge. “My time in different ChampionX roles has taught me the power of teamwork and collaboration. Through mentoring and personal development initiatives, we are an extremely supportive and encouraging workplace. This ensures people have the confidence to ask questions, investigate, and continually push the envelope. Our business thrives on creating solutions that tackle complex industry challenges on a global scale. Our new oxygen corrosion inhibitor product, as well as our low-toxicity corrosion inhibitor, are great examples of how we have collectively worked to mitigate the threat of pipeline integrity.”

A keen ambassador for the sector and motivating others, Geeta is speaking at the upcoming Middle East Corrosion Conference in the Kingdom of Bahrain, organised by the AMPP Dharan Saudi Arabia Chapter and the Bahrain Society of Engineers. Through her presentation, she is aiming to communicate her research and support activities that improve sustainability across the sector. 

Geeta added: “I hope that this opportunity encourages those already working in the sector as well as the next generation on how working together, we can improve chemical solutions for a more secure and sustainable future.”