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SoluForce pipelines: reaching the next level of reusability

Over 4,000 km of SoluForce pipe has been installed around the world. (Image source: SoluForce)


SoluForce has been a synonym for innovation for a while now

The company is the originator and industry leader of high-pressure Flexible Composite Pipe (FCP or RTP) systems, offering solutions that are maintenance-free and ensure unrivaled durability. This makes SoluForce suitable for the most demanding applications, such as high-pressure water injection or hydrogen transportation. Since the year 2000, over 4,000 km of SoluForce pipe has been installed around the world, in various applications, such as hydrocarbon transportation.

Reusable pipeline system

Although the majority of SoluForce pipelines are used as a long-term transportation and distribution solutions, they can also be (re-)used for temporary applications. Currently, SoluForce pipes are recommended to be reused (coiled and uncoiled) up to 10 times without influencing the service life of the pipe system. However, the latest tests show that there is no degradation even after 100,000 coil-uncoil cycles, which is also applicable to dynamic offshore projects.

There are several scenarios that require RTP pipes to be coiled and uncoiled repeatedly, and zero flare well testing is one of them. Flaring refers to burning fluids that have been used in testing recently drilled oil wells. More and more companies are prohibiting flaring due to its negative effects on the environment. The SoluForce pipe is often used to transport these fluids to other wells where the infrastructure is available to dispose of them responsibly. Because the SoluForce pipe is reusable, it can be used multiple times for various well tests.

Mine dewatering is another common application. When mines are dug, they often fill up with water which needs to be pumped away and can contain abrasive substances like gravel or sand. In such situations, it is advantageous to use a pipe that can be easily moved, uncoiled, and recoiled when dewatering is needed.

Reusability of SoluForce pipes also allows saving resources in various offshore applications such as hydrotesting subsea structures with high-pressure water, well intervention, or setting up temporary export systems. Here, SoluForce has a significant advantage over steel pipes, as the exposure to water and corrosive fluids causes significantly shorter service life for steel alternatives.

Fittings without compromise

To make the entire system reusable, not only the pipes themselves but also their fittings can be reused multiple times. SoluForce offers fitting systems that are easily connected and disconnected with bolts and clamps. This can be done with simple tools, while the actual fitting remains in place.

Reusable fittings are a key advantage SoluForce provides over similar systems since installing a new fitting requires special equipment, time, and training. This solution also minimises the risk of leakages and is maintenance-free, just as the pipe itself. With the electrofusion and single swage fitting system, the fluids or gasses do not even come into contact with metal parts, which eliminates the risks of corrosion or scaling throughout the entire pipeline system.