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Schlumberger’s SEES to eliminate methane and flare emissions for oil and gas


Schlumberger has launched Schlumberger end-to-end emissions solutions (SEES), with an aim to provide a comprehensive set of services and cutting-edge technologies designed to give operators a robust and scalable solution for measuring, monitoring, reporting and eliminating methane and routine flare emissions from their operations

SEES launches at a critical time in the industry, following the announcement from Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) members of their aim for zero methane gas emissions in oil and gas operations by 2030.

Methane and flare emissions currently account for more than 60% of direct (Scope 1 and 2) greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the industry. 

Schlumberger chief technology officer Demos Pafitis commented, “We have created SEES specifically to help our customers deal with one of the most pressing issues of climate change: the urgent need to cut methane emissions. Due to its potency as a GHG and its major share of the industry’s overall operational emissions, tackling methane emissions will make a significant impact.”

As energy companies seek to operate in a more sustainable manner, they will need to more reliably report and reduce their methane emissions and flaring activity. Currently, when looking for answers and partners to address this challenge, they are faced with a patchwork of disparate offerings – SEES changes that. 

In addition, robust data and a digital foundation will enable customers to have a secure, reliable single place for integrating multi-source emissions data with advice, plans and insights.

Kahina Abdeli-Galinier, Schlumberger emissions business director, commented, “The urgency of methane and flare challenges means emission detection, measurement, reporting and abatement approaches need to mature rapidly. To benefit the industry, SEES aspires to become the trusted partner for operators looking to reduce their emissions footprint quickly, credibly, and in the right way. To benefit the planet, our objective is to work with our customers to eliminate 1% of all anthropogenic GHG emissions by 2030.”

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