KLX Energy Services launches VISION Suite of downhole completions tools

The tools deliver advanced engineering and customised solutions for downhole operations. (Image source: Adobe Stock)


KLX Energy Services (KLX), a leading onshore provider of oilfield services focused on completion, intervention and production activities, has introduced its VISION Suite of downhole completions tools, which includes OraclE-Smart Reach Tool (SRT), SpectrA PDC, and PhantM Dissolvables

VISION encompasses new product innovation, coupled with reimagined downhole completion tool technology, that ensures optimal performance, sustained reliability and operational efficiency, according to the company. SpectrA PDC, KLX’s downhole thru tubing motor system, is designed to eliminate non-productive time on long lateral runs. The motor bearing pack’s design utilises PDC inserts with fewer parts than a traditional ball bearing pack. SpectrA is a mud lube bearing pack allowing operators to pump at increasing rates due to KLX’s material selection and construction.

OraclE-SRT, KLX’s downhole thru tubing extended reach tool, delivers a unique way to solve long laterals. With enhanced materials, the system’s advanced vibration tool can negotiate long laterals by minimising the amount of wellbore friction encountered during milling. Used in conjunction with SpectrA PDC, OraclE-SRT can be fully manipulated from the surface to turn on and off, providing optimal efficiency along with full data capabilities.

KLX’s PhantM dissolvable frac plugs are highly engineered to exceed industry standards, while minimising the need for interventions. With a robust design and bottom-set feature eliminating the concern of pre-sets, PhantM dissolvable plugs lower NPT and failures during frac operations. 

In addition to the VISION Suite of downhole tools, KLX has introduced electrified trucks and skids within its fleet, the WhisperSeries.

John Horgan, Vice President Operations, KLX, said “With VISION, the options are greatly enhanced for horizontal wellbores with long lateral runs, delivering maximum results with seamless execution and accuracy on every run.”