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Halliburton launches new nanocomposite wellbore sealant


Halliburton has introduced the BaraFLC Nano-1 wellbore sealant, a nanocomposite suspension that boosts wellbore stability

The new sealant works with Halliburton’s existing conventional and high-performance water-based fluid systems to create a tighter, more secure seal that decreases fluid loss into the formation. It uses nanoparticles to reduce interaction between filtrate and reactive shale formations, preventing pore pressure transmission. This helps strengthen wellbore integrity, which can extend drilling time and efficiency.

“In many areas around the world, our customers require high-performance water-based fluid systems to maximise the value of their wellbore,” said Toby Dixon, senior vice president, Halliburton Baroid. “We developed nanotechnology that results in a step change compared to conventional sealants and rivals the performance of oil-based fluids.”

Sold as a liquid, BaraFLC Nano-1 sealant reduces bag waste and airborne dust. It comes in ready-to-inject form and easily mixes with water-based fluids, which can reduce non-productive time.

BaraFLC Nano-1 was used in Oman, where it reduced dilution rates, lowered fluid viscosity, and tightened filtration rates during a 22-day interval with maximum downhole temperature >300ºF.