GeoMark Research and Senslytics collaborate on AI solutions in upstream energy industry

The partnership aims to advance science-backed decision-making in the upstream energy industry. (Image source: Adobe Stock)


GeoMark Research, provider of geochemical and PVT data and analysis, and Senslytics, a provider of patented artificial intelligence solutions that incorporate domain expert knowledge, has announced a strategic partnership aimed at advancing science-backed decision-making in the upstream energy industry

This collaboration brings together GeoMark Research's high-quality data and expertise in PVT and fluid analysis and Senslytics' proprietary artificial intelligence capabilities to provide valuable predictive tools that usher in the next stage of AI for energy operators.

Key elements of the partnership include:

1. Innovative AI algorithms: Combining GeoMark Research's robust PVT and geochemical data repository with Senslytics' AI algorithms will enable the development of groundbreaking solutions for a wide range of applications, including fluid property estimation while drilling, such as GOR, fluid density, API gravity, and high-resolution geochemical parameters such as allocation and contributions.

2. Enhanced decision-making: The collaboration will provide tools that take the power of subject matter experts to constrain and train the AI tools that companies need to make data-driven decisions. By leveraging the strengths of both companies, the partnership seeks to deliver solutions that provide actionable insights, streamline operations, and drive efficiency.

3. Thought leadership: Research and Senslytics will actively contribute to thought leadership in the AI and PVT/geochemical analytics space to promote knowledge exchange and drive the industry forward.

4. Customer-Centric approach: By collaborating closely with clients, the joint venture aims to tailor solutions to meet specific customer needs, ensuring maximum value and impact.

'GeoMark Research is passionate about using our data and expertise to advance subsurface fluid understanding. Faster, better information improves our customers’ free cash flow. We are thrilled to partner with Senslytics and embark on this transformative journey together. By combining our strengths in PVT and petroleum systems analysis with their innovative approach for artificial intelligence, we are confident in our ability to redefine what is possible in data-driven decision-making,' said Ethan Brown, president at GeoMark Research.

'We are excited about the potential of this partnership to drive innovation and create meaningful impact across the energy industry. Together, we will push the boundaries of what AI can achieve by unlocking insights from our two companies’ technical experts,' added Blake Bixler, CEO at Senslytics.