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Fugro launches Blue Shadow class USV in the Middle East

The vessel addresses the growing demand for accurate hydrographic data. (Image source: Fugro)


Geo-data specialist Fugro has launched its Blue Shadow class uncrewed surface vessel (USV) in the Middle East, to address the growing demand for accurate hydrographic data due to infrastructure development, port expansion and coastal management initiatives

Using state-of-the-art navigation and surveying technology, the Blue Shadow efficiently collects vital data such as water depth and seafloor morphology, supporting the development of the blue economy in the Middle East while also aiding in understanding and protecting the delicate marine ecosystem. It enables non-disruptive hydrographic surveys near existing offshore structures, resulting in efficient hydrographic surveys, reducing project timelines and providing speed and accuracy.

With the goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2035, Fugro is including more remote operations in its surveys, given that this contributes up to 90% less carbon emissions than traditional vessel operations while reducing human exposure to hazardous environments.

Louis Burnard, regional director of Marine Site Characterisation Middle East and India, said, “This addition to the region’s fleet marks Fugro’s commitment to leveraging technology for a safe and liveable world. With the Blue Shadow navigating our waters, we're not just mapping the seabed, we're forging a path for safer, more efficient maritime navigation in our region."