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Evident Corporation upgrades MapROVER and SteerROVER inspection scanners

The scanners feature advancements in operability and versatility. (Image source: Evident Corporation)


Evident Corporation, a leader in inspection solutions, has upgraded its MapROVER and SteerROVER scanners with new capabilities to enable easier weld and corrosion inspections of hard-to-reach areas and high-temperature surfaces of pipes, large tanks and pressure vessels

The scanners’ shared handheld remote controller is now more rugged, and its improved touch-screen clarity and magnetic mounting fixtures improve operation. The new RECON camera kit improves the remote operation and validation capabilities of the steerable SteerROVER scanner, enabling real-time monitoring of scanning progress and surface conditions, even in low-light environments. The onboard RECON Studio software on the camera kit offers comprehensive recording capabilities, including encoder information, enabling operators to pinpoint irregularities and correlate ultrasound data indications effectively. The MapROVER High-Temp (HT) raster arm and scanner now features an electronic cooling system with liquid-filled cooling plates, enabling fast, efficient corrosion mapping on surfaces up to 350 °C (662 °F), for safer, more efficient inspections in high-temperature environments.

“These advancements in our MapROVER and SteerROVER scanners underscore our commitment to continually evolving our solutions to meet inspectors’ needs,” said Simon Alain, senior product manager at Evident. “They offer improved efficiency, accuracy and safety for the most challenging weld and corrosion inspections in tanks, pipes and pressure vessels.”