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DUG Technology is a global provider of tailored solutions that combine geoscience and data services, high-performance-computing as-a-service (HPCaaS), and its flagship software, DUG Insight. DUG Insight allows practitioners to focus on geoscience, not computer science, with its modern, intuitive features for advanced seismic data interpretation – across land, marine, and ocean-bottom surveys

ins 3d 2017 heroShot on black touchup 1DUG Insight offers modern, intuitive features for advanced seismic data interpretation. (Image source: DUG)

Modern workflows need modern software. Geoscientists must adapt to increasing data volumes and evolving technology requirements. Leaders must onboard new team members smoothly, and have a comprehensive set of tools to tackle any challenge. 

DUG Insight (“Insight”) is a full-service solution for qualitative interpretation, visualisation, 2D/3D/time-lapse/prestack amplitude analysis and rock-property inversion, advanced seismic-data time-processing and depth-imaging, and full waveform inversion (FWI) – this includes DUG’s revolutionary multi-parameter high-frequency FWI imaging technology.

Insight was designed to be a productivity enabler. It provides best-in-class functionality and support for a range of clients, spanning collaborative cloud and on-premises solutions to onboard QC and fast-track processing in the field, with a complete toolkit for regional and prospect scale interpretation workflows. With features that include a fully-integrated 3D canvas, advanced waveform-guided horizon propagators, and interactive time-to-depth conversion and stratigraphic flattening, Insight is backed by responsive, round-the-clock support and R&D teams ensuring the latest technology is always at the user's fingertips.

Insight prioritises productivity and user experience by automating labour-intensive tasks, while encapsulating all aspects of project configuration and operation. It presents a consistent interface from which users can seamlessly build and manage cluster jobs, configure data loading and manage the filesystem. As an interactive HPC integrated development environment (IDE) Insight allows users to craft custom solutions driving productivity and streamlining both collaboration and project management.

DUG managing director Matthew Lamont said, “We are proud to be at the forefront of analytical software development, with DUG Insight now used in 36 countries. Insight’s ease-of-use, effectiveness and productivity allows our clients to realise many technical and commercial advantages.” 

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