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CORTEC launches Wellhead Plug Catcher


CORTEC, a leading manufacturer of high-quality API valves, has launched its new, compact, Wellhead Plug Catcher, which is installed directly between the wellhead and the production choke 

Fracking and plug parts returning to the surface is a common problem in shale wells. The user-friendly Wellhead Plug Catcher is installed upstream of a wellhead production choke and features an internal screen that is utilised to filter out large debris to prevent it from clogging or damaging a choke. This will improve choke life and performance, improving operators’ revenues. 

Stephen Corte, vice president, CORTEC, said, “Plug and other debris catching devices have been used in the industry for many years now, but CORTEC’s compact Wellhead Plug Catcher is being utilised in a new application and specifically developed to improve choke service life and minimise down time for servicing. Operators fighting substantial well debris using this product will gain increased choke trim life while experiencing less handling and downtime fighting debris. We have now installed hundreds of these units in the field and are very pleased with the positive response from our customer base.” 

The device has been evaluated and sized by the CORTEC engineering team to accommodate substantial plugging within the screen and still provide full capacity flow. The screen design has been field-proven and designed through consultation with field operators.