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Celeros Flow Technology upgrades Bandlock2 closures

Bandlock2 closures are now available in diameters in excess of 100 inches (254cm). (Image source: Celeros Flow)


Celeros Flow Technology has up-scaled its Bandlock2 quick-opening closures so they can be incorporated on very large diameter pressure vessels and pipelines

The need for larger diameter closures is being driven by the fact that pipelines and pressure vessels are getting bigger, as a result of the growing global demand for essential products such as water, gas and oil. Available in diameters up to 100 inches (254cm), the larger diameter Bandlock2 closures offer customers the potential to reduce the number of pressure vessels and associated pipework required for any given application.

Same quick-opening mechanism

Manufactured by Celeros FT brand GD Engineering, very large diameter Bandlock2 closures offer the same proven quick-opening mechanism and sealing design as standard diameter closures. Full access is still achievable in less than a minute. They feature a unique, self-energising lip seal with integral anti-extrusion spring and offer full vacuum capability.

A hand-operated pressure warning screw assures safe operation. This is integrated into the closure mechanism and prevents the door from being unlocked until it is confirmed that the vessel’s internal pressure has been relieved. Additional secondary safety features, such as mechanical key interlocks, can be fitted and integrated with control valve operations. In addition, the locking band can be seen at all times, which satisfies design code requirements and means that the operator can actually see that the door is securely closed and locked.