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Barco UniSee II: the choice for oil & gas control rooms

Barco UniSee II video wall. (Image source: Barco)


Video walls for oil and gas control rooms have several stringent requirements

In this critical market, nothing can be left to chance, so it is important to carefully consider the options. Barco UniSee II is a new, innovative LCD video wall solution with a bezel-less design, a revolutionary mounting structure that automatically aligns the panels, a modular approach, and impeccable image quality. In this article, we explore the benefits of Barco UniSee II which make this solution perfect for use in oil and gas control rooms.

1. Reliability

In a critical market such as oil and gas, reliability is without a doubt the most important requirement. The video wall needs to perform at any time, often in a critical 24/7 environment. Barco UniSee II not only uses the highest quality components, but also features redundancy options for critical components. 

Even in the unlikely event that a panel does fail, Barco UniSee II is still your best choice. The innovative mounting structure ensures fast and easy panel replacement – even of the center panels – by using one simple key. 

2. Lighting conditions

In the past, control rooms were typically dark and gloomy places, with little ambient light. Improved brightness of the video wall however changed this mindset. Barco UniSee II has a standard brightness level of no less than 800 nit, reaching even 1300 nit in peak mode. This is more than enough for use in bright ambient environments.

3. Power consumption and heat production

Next to the purchasing price, the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is an important consideration when selecting a new video wall. Barco UniSee II reduces power consumption with 30% compared to conventional LCD, effectively lowering the total energy bill. Additionally, because more power consumption typically leads to additional heat dissipation, Barco UniSee II also stands for cooler operation – which is beneficial for the room’s air conditioning system.

4. Better image quality

With Barco UniSee II, all details are clearly visible. Both in terms of colors and black levels, this video wall stands out. This makes sure that nothing is overlooked in the control room! But also the uniformity is exceptional – both inside the individual panels and over the complete video wall. In this way, the entire wall looks perfectly balanced.

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