Baker Hughes launches PythonPipe RTP portfolio

PythonPipe offers up to 60% reduction in installation time and at one-fifth the cost of comparative steel installation. (Image source: Baker Hughes)


Baker Hughes has released its new PythonPipe portfolio, the latest in reinforced thermoplastic pipe (RTP) technology 

RTP is gaining currency in the oil and gas industry due to its corrosion resistance, spoolability and lightweight nature. 

Offering up to 60% reduction in installation time and at one-fifth the cost of comparative steel installation, the PythonPipe portfolio consists of American Petroleum Institute 15s qualified, flexible and non-metallic RTP with an extensive selection of sizes, materials and liner options.

Achieving up to 75% reduction in carbon emissions throughout its lifecycle, up to 80% reduction in maintenance costs and up to 60% reduction in crew required, PythonPipe enables both efficient and sustainable operations.

Within the PythonPipe portfolio, Baker Hughes offers the only 8-inch spoolable, non-metallic RTP product in the market, according to the company, and demonstrates its three-layer co-extrusion liner technology across the entire portfolio range, allowing cost-effective use of polyphenylene sulfide, nylon, high density polythylene or high density polyethylene raised temperature liners within the RTP.

The PythonPipe portfolio will offer pressure capacities of up to 3000psi and temperature resilience of up to 180°F. The advanced co-extruded liner technology enhances durability and reduces permeability, making it suitable for challenging and corrosive environments.

“Our PythonPipe technology is a testament to our extensive industry expertise, underlined by over 10,000km of successfully installed pipes,” said Jeff Shorter, product management director, Flexible Pipe Systems at Baker Hughes. “Our commitment to positioning for new energy frontiers via continual development firmly establishes Baker Hughes as an innovator in this field. The diverse liner options in the PythonPipe portfolio provide chemical and permeation resistance combined with a wide range of reinforcement types, product sizes, temperature and pressure capacities to address our customers’ diverse needs."