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Automation Technology launches zero emissions actuator solution


Automation Technology, Inc. (ATI), a leading provider of customised and comprehensive valve automation solutions, has launched its Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic actuator solution to eliminate the carbon footprint of pipeline operations

The Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic package provides a comprehensive solution to lower emissions without requiring pipeline gas as the actuator’s primary power supply. Pipeline actuators have previously relied on using the gas from the pipeline as a power source, which is then emitted into the atmosphere. With ATI’s self-contained Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic solution, the power source is attached to the actuator in a compact suite.

Cooper Etheridge, CEO, ATI, said, “The Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic package is the ideal solution for zero methane and VOC emission requirements for emergency shutdown valves. We are proud to help our customers achieve zero emissions within their operations.”

Available in spring-return or double-acting configurations, the Zero Emission Electro-Hydraulic package can be mounted directly to the valve via flange or custom adaption. The pump, motor, reservoir limit switches, solenoids and positioners are mounted to the actuator. In remote locations where power is not available, ATI provides solar power systems to run the systems required by the customer. ATI also provides a skid-mounted hydraulic power unit for larger operations, enabling power for multiple actuators simultaneously.