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AMGAS launches new sour oil recovery process in Middle East


AMGAS has announced the launch of its new sour crude oil recovery (SCOR) process in response to the increased development of the sour oil and gas sector in the Middle East

AMGAS’ SCOR process provides multiple avenues for treating, storing, recovering and transporting sour crude oil. The process is expected to fulfil the sustainability requirements and protect people, environment and investment.

Sheldon McKee, director of business and product development at AMGAS, said, “We have been handling and treating Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) in Canada for years. With sour crude oil now being produced in the Middle East, we need to use our expertise and capabilities to handle H2S in ways that simultaneously protect people, their commercial interests and the planet.”

AMGAS has partnered with Singapore-based Rutledge E&P Pte Ltd. who provides services for drilling and exploration.

The SCOR process allows recovery opportunities for extended well tests, which improve well/zone evaluation and drilling plans. Extended well tests were possible because of the elimination of burning crude and the consequences associated with it.

Recovered sour crude oil would be loaded, transported and treated safely in the SCOR transport tank.