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AVEVA brings AI to refinery scheduling


AVEVA, a global leader in industrial software, has introduced the AVEVA Unified Supply Chain, Schedule AI Assistant, making refinery scheduling easier and more efficient

To increase productivity and stabilise production flows, refineries attempt to enhance their planning and scheduling operations. Management teams can take responsibility and prepare for changing situations by optimising schedules. A production scheduler coordinates the flow of crude oil through a refinery, from the point of unloading through transfer to storage tanks. They prepare charging schedules for distillation units, perform tank maintenance, and manage end-product delivery to maximise spot market profitability – all while taking into account unit capacity, flow, and compositions. Along the way, human fallibility and time limits can hinder efficiency. The multi-step procedure and multiple variables can lead to mistakes, making overall optimisation challenging. 

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain, Schedule AI Assistant, is an optimisation and AI-infused cloud-based solution, designed to enable operational schedulers at refineries and petrochemicals plants to explore and rank various scenarios for efficiency, profitability, and emissions. The new solution accomplishes days’ worth of work in mere seconds, optimising decision-making and boosting business agility. 

Across the entire supply chain, analytics automatically produce and assess multiple schedules and anticipated events, offering planners a range of choices for optimised schedules.  AVEVA’s Schedule AI Assistant then recommends a scheduling strategy that best meets the organisation's safety, sustainability, and value chain optimisation objectives.

“Schedulers' strategic capabilities will be transformed by the latest offering as they will be supported by an AI-powered system that recommends the most practical course of action, saving time and enhancing productivity by allowing schedulers to focus on value-added tasks and encouraging them to exceed objectives. This can be a huge enabler of enterprise agility, allowing operations to respond faster to market changes or disruptions in the supply chain,” said Harpreet Gulati, senior vice president, Planning, Simulation and Optimization Business, AVEVA.