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Schlumberger launches new ultrahigh-temperature downhole reservoir testing system

Schlumberger has announced the launch of the Quartet-HT high-performance downhole reservoir testing system

This addition to the firm's portfolio of reservoir characterisation services delivers high-quality measurements and reservoir-representative fluid samples with increased safety and efficiency in ultrahigh-temperature reservoirs to 410°F (210°C).

“This complete downhole testing system can isolate, control, measure and sample all in a single run,” said Sameh Hanna, president, Testing Services, Schlumberger. “In addition, the new ultrahigh-temperature technology allows us to position our test tools deeper and closer to the reservoir for the best possible test results and help our customers more accurately characterise their reservoirs.”

The Quartet-HT system offers significant advantages over conventional drillstem test string designs, including lower operating pressure, fewer seals and connections, multicycle flexibility, single-trip efficiency, and high-resolution quartz measurements.

The new system combines four leading downhole technologies engineered specifically for high-performance ultrahigh-temperature reservoir testing: CERTIS high-integrity reservoir test isolation system, IRDV intelligent remote dual valve, Signature quartz gauges and SCAR inline independent reservoir fluid sampling.

Rigorous qualification testing, which includes shock, vibration, temperature and pressure, was performed at test facilities located in France, the United Kingdom and the United States. The quartz gauge electronics used in the Quartet-HT system underwent 3,000 hours of qualification testing above the maximum operating temperature limit.

The quartz gauges have been used for more than 20,000 cumulative hours of reservoir testing operations including operations in Asia, Australia and the Middle East where the tool has successfully recorded entire jobs at temperatures exceeding 400°F (204°C).