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TripleFast highlights commitment to localisation

TripleFast is committed to strengthening the regional supply chain, digital adoption and delivering high-quality solutions. (Image source: Adobe Stock)


Part of the Lonestar Group, the world’s largest manufacturer and provider of critical bolting, TripleFast is firmly committed to supporting the growth aspirations of the GCC countries

TripleFast plays a pivotal role in enhancing the local economy through its dedication to strengthening the regional supply chain, digital adoption and delivering high-quality solutions.

Steve Kettle, vice president APAC, said, “Our focus is on unlocking maximum value from the energy sector's resources, ensuring that we deliver tangible benefits to the economies we serve. By establishing domestic supply chains and nearshoring industry best practices, we aim to create opportunities for today's and future generations. This approach not only aligns with the future growth aspirations of the GCC but also helps mitigate the risks associated with diversification initiatives, reducing uncertainty and volatility.”

TripleFast's ethical and transparent business philosophy has been the cornerstone of the organisation’s operations in the Middle East for over 22 years.

Kettle said, “We strive to be a critical component and contributor to the GCC's transition and diversification ambitions. Our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions ensures that we meet the needs of our customers both in the region and globally.”

Integrating digital technologies 

By integrating digital technologies, TripleFast ensures that it remains at the forefront of the industry. The organisation’s efforts to realise local content value through local production not only support the local economy but also contribute to the broader goals of the GCC countries.

Kettle concluded, “TripleFast's dedication to local production and delivering high-quality solutions underlines our commitment to supporting the economic growth and diversification aspirations of the GCC. We look forward to continuing our legacy as a key player in the region's development, ensuring a prosperous future for all.”