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Leading provider of shipping, marine, logistics and energy support services in Saudi Arabia

GAC Saudi Arabia has extensive operations at major ports in Saudi Arabia. (Image source: GAC Saudi Arabia)


Kumar Ganesan, Managing Director of Arabian Gulf Shipping Company (GAC Saudi Arabia), discusses business prospects, leveraging digital technologies and the company’s commitment to sustainability

How do you view prospects for the development of your business in the Middle East, and what areas are you targeting? Are there any areas where you are experiencing strong growth?

GAC Saudi Arabia stands as a prominent and preferred partner for shipping, logistics and marine services in the Kingdom. Our journey began in 1958 with a single operational office at Ras Tanura. Today, we boast extensive operations at major ports throughout Dammam, Jubail, Ras Tanura, Ras Al-Khafji, Jeddah, Yanbu, Neom (Ex-Duba), Rabigh and a dry port in Riyadh.

We continuously provide exceptional services in energy logistics, particularly within the marine sector. Our consistent efforts have involved handling heavy equipment, executing precise heavy lift operations with specialised cranes and managing the transportation of critical components such as reels, jackets and offshore platforms. These ongoing endeavours underscore our proficiency in navigating complex tasks with precision and efficiency, further establishing our reputation as a trusted industry partner.

As part of the globally recognised integrated provider of shipping, logistics and marine services GAC Group, which has over 300 offices in more than 50 countries, GAC Saudi Arabia is well-positioned to navigate the Middle East’s evolving landscape. Our operational hub in Dammam and branches at key ports throughout the Kingdom offer industry-leading services in shipping, logistics and marine operations, especially in the energy, projects and offshore sectors.

We draw on GAC’s global reach, tapping into advanced technologies such as the Group’s freight tracking system and digital solutions to enhance our operational effectiveness - whether it's managing shore-based logistics, facilitating freight forwarding or providing offshore supply support.

Our commitment to delivering seamless, round-the-clock support to our customers has been instrumental in our growth. By continuously striving for operational excellence and using digital solutions, we both meet our clients’ evolving needs and strengthen our position as a key player in the Middle East’s maritime and logistics sectors.

Are there any particular trends or developments that are impacting your business at the moment?

GAC Saudi Arabia is highly adaptable, and our Group’s global overview enables us to promptly identify and respond to emerging trends. The current surge in digital advancements and the growing emphasis on sustainable practices are two key trends that we are actively addressing at GAC Saudi Arabia and across the GAC Group. Through collaborative initiatives, we are integrating advanced digital and sustainable solutions to meet present demands and put us at the forefront shaping the future of the global maritime and logistics industries.

How are you using the latest technologies to improve your operations?

GAC is committed to digital transformation, augmenting its IT capabilities to navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape. In line with this commitment, we’ve implemented the Eyeshare supplier invoice management system to optimise efficiency and contribute to environmental sustainability. This system, leveraging Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, digitises and centralises invoice processing, reducing paper usage and providing standardised solutions across the GAC network, facilitating easy reporting and automatic updates of key information.

GAC's technological strategy involves developing and implementing customised solutions tailored to address the unique challenges of the shipping and logistics sectors. Custom software and digital platforms play a crucial role in streamlining processes, enhancing transparency, enabling real-time tracking and ensuring overall operational efficiency.

GAC has automated processes, effectively reducing manual interventions and minimising errors. Our transition to digital workflows has enhanced operational agility and responsiveness in Saudi Arabia and at all GAC offices worldwide.

How important is sustainability to your company, and how do you ensure sustainable operations?

GAC's dedication to sustainability is encapsulated in its Roadmap to Sustainability, highlighting the principles of "adapt, innovate and reduce" to generate non-destructive, long-term value. The Group meticulously assesses its economic, environmental and social impact, implementing initiatives accordingly and evaluating outcomes to align with sustainability goals.

This commitment to sustainability resonates strongly with GAC Saudi Arabia. Our global Group network fosters the exchange of best practices and the establishment of unified environmental standards. Whether adopting eco-friendly measures in our transportation fleet or actively participating in community programmes, our steadfast commitment extends to collaborative partnerships with suppliers specialising in waste disposal and recycling solutions. Such joint endeavours ensures that our operations are firmly grounded in sustainable practices, demonstrating our unwavering dedication through impactful actions on a local, regional and global scale.

What do you think sets you apart from your competitors?

GAC Saudi Arabia has fostered long-term relationships with terminals and authorities, a testament to our commitment to reliability and trust. The unique combination of the GAC Group’s global footprint, over six decades of expertise, profound local know-how and commitment to innovation, sustainability and client-centric solutions ensures we deliver unparalleled value.

We take pride in seamlessly connecting clients to local, regional and international markets, enhanced by 24/7 support to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. Further, our integrated shipping, logistics and marine services operate under a single umbrella to provide comprehensive solutions across the board.

Our operations are fully compliant with the in-Kingdom Total Value Add (IKTVA) programme and adhere rigorously to local rules and regulations, contributing to the economic and industrial development, fostering employment opportunities for Saudi nationals and supporting the growth and sustainability of the Saudi Arabian oil & gas sector. As a source of reliable market intelligence, we ensure that our clients are well-informed in their decision-making processes.

Flexibility and a steadfast commitment to delivery are at the core of our services. We offer cost-effective and tailored solutions, adapting to the unique requirements of each client. GAC Saudi Arabia strictly adheres to the GAC Group’s stringent Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE) policies, as well as Compliance and Ethics policies. That means our services not only meet but exceed the highest industry standards, reflecting our dedication to excellence in every aspect of our operations.