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GPT Industries signs partnership with Abdulla Fouad Energy Services

Michael Monica, director sales, marketing and customer care at GPT Industries signs the agreement with Mohamed Altaf, sale manager, Abdulla Fouad Energy Services. (Image source: Alain Charles Publishing)


GPT Industries signed a partnership agreement with Saudi Arabia’s Abdulla Fouad Energy Services at ADIPEC, to amplify the supply of critical flange isolation gaskets into the Saudi market

Speaking to Oil Review Middle East, Michael Monica, director sales, marketing and customer care at GPT Industries commented, “We’re really excited about having a partner in-country to support the supply of our products to Saudi Aramco and the other large companies in Saudi Arabia,” adding that Abdulla Fouad Energy Services is a long-established and well-known company in the kingdom.

“This partnership agreement will support the introduction of our innovative new products, specifically our Evolution gasket, which represents the next step in cathodic protection. It’s a low emissions solution that will help with decarbonisation; there’s no other isolation gasket out in the market like it. 

“Evolution uses a sealing technology that can withstand any type of chemical. Critically, it’s fire-safe, and last but not least, it’s a thin gasket; the traditional isolation gaskets use a steel core and GRE facing, that is 260mm thick, whereas Evolution is only 125mm thick, so it can easily replace a typical spiral-wound gasket. And it isolates. So we see big possibilities in any oil and gas application.”

Monica adds that the company is focused on moving the market away from GRE, which is prone to degradation in harsh environments, to this new technology. And that message is being heard.  

“Evolution has been very well received by the oil and gas majors globally. The product has been out in the market for around two and a half years, it’s in virtually every country with oil and gas assets and is on most of the major oil company specifications. It is being used extensively on offshore platforms, LNG, hydrogen and carbon capture. “

The fact that decarbonisation and environmental considerations are at the top of the agenda for every oil and gas company today represents a very big opportunity, he adds.

“Our belief is we protect people and the environment from the process.  That’s not only through isolation but also sealing – keeping the media in the pipe.” He adds that its applications are not restricted to the oil and gas sector, with opportunities also in chemicals as well as in water infrastructure, where steel piping is required which needs to be protected from corrosion. 

As a company which never stands still in terms of research and development, GPT is looking to further technology development, building on the Evolution platform, as has been its approach with previous products.

“We’re going to be looking at Evolution in 10k applications to seal ring joints, and uncoated Evolution for non-isolating critical sealing applications,” he says.

The environmental credentials of Evolution are endorsed by Richard S. Edwin, CEO of Erith Group, master distributor for Garlock and GPT in the Middle East and Africa and one of the region’s most advanced engineering solutions companies. 

“Evolution is a key product and we actively promote it, because we are big ambassadors for low emissions and a sustainable future. So Evolution fits right into our portfolio. Wherever there is sour gas, Evolution comes straight into the picture. The wells are getting deeper in the region, and the deeper you go, the more sour comes out, and the higher the pressure as well. Evolution can withstand the pressure and handle sour.” 

As well the core Gulf markets, Iraq represents a huge opportunity, Edwin says, where Erith has long- term pricing agreements for Evolution with Exxon Mobil.

Evolution has been received “with awe”, he comments. 

“Companies are experiencing headaches with GRE and other gaskets which are failing regularly. That’s a safety issue as well.” 

Edwin stresses Erith’s alignment with the UAE’s vision and localisation agenda.

“We bring in the latest technologies from global companies such as GPT and Garlock and collaborate with them to manufacture their products here, thereby reducing imports and contributing to GDP by boosting exports. That’s where Erith adds value. We have already supplied ADNOC with “Made in UAE” gaskets, tying in with the local manufacturing agenda.”