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Front End partners with The Drone Centre for drone distribution in Saudi Arabia

The agreement signing. (Image source: Front End)


Front End Limited Company, a Saudi-owned company that provides advanced products and solutions to the energy, mining, industrial, maritime and logistics sectors, has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with The Drone Centre (TDC) for the distribution of DJI drones in the Kingdom 

This strategic alliance, focused on the oil and gas sector, grants Front End exclusive rights to offer specialised payloads that are inaccessible to resellers in other industries. The agreement aligns with the strategic objectives of Saudi Vision 2030's National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP), which seeks to increase the localisation of the oil and gas industry. 

The drones are equipped with advanced imaging technology to detect leaks and structural issues with precision, ultimately enhancing environmental protection and the infrastructure integrity of the fields. With their ability to navigate challenging terrains safely, they provide efficient surveys of remote landscapes, improving safety and streamlining operations.

Majid Alghaslan, chairman and CEO, Front End Limited Company commented, “By leveraging DJI drones, we aim to revolutionise oil and gas operations, extending beyond traditional inspections to use in remote rural areas. We at Front End are committed to innovation and excellence, aligning perfectly with DJI's pioneering spirit to pave the way for co-developing next-generation drone solutions tailored to the specific needs of the Kingdom’s ever-growing demand.”

A spokesperson for The Drone Centre commented, “Our exclusive agency partnership with Front End Limited Company reinforces our commitment to driving efficiency and innovation in the oil & gas sector, and our ambition to enter the Saudi market with our innovative products. Together, we are setting a new standard in drone technology customised for the unique challenges of the industry.”