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Emissions reduction through continuous monitoring and AI


As the world moves to decarbonise its energy systems through GHG emissions reduction, NESR in collaborating with Qube Technologies provides MENA oil & gas producers with a low-cost solution using fixed sensors that can continuously monitor for GHG, H2S and other VOCs & gases in the world’s most remote fields

Data collected by these sensors is then analysed using artificial intelligence to rapidly infer both fugitive emissions (leaks) and also quantify Scope 1 emissions, supplying operators with critical information that enables them to reduce emissions and report key environmental metrics. Qube received the world’s first regulatory approval to replace standard leak detect/repair (LDAR) practices in Canada.

Qube continuously and autonomously measures gases and environmental data in real-time using low-cost, high-sensitivity sensors to detect, localise and quantify methane and other gases including H2S, VOC, CO, CO2, SO2 and NO2 emissions faster than traditional industry approaches.

“The pivotal investment and collaboration announcement with Qube will sharpen NESR's focus on the realm of emissions detection & monitoring, technologies that will aid key MENA producers in both quantifying the overall Scope 1 & Scope 2 footprint, also in pinpointing the source of harmful gas leaks. Emissions detection, in conjunction with water management, flare reduction, and other key subsegments encompass a multi-pronged NESR ESG Impact growth strategy that mirrors the multi-faceted customer approach to upstream decarbonisation. We are excited to foster Qube's unique, metal-oxide sensor technology and software platform in the MENA region, in collaboration with their team and with our joint investors, including SCF Ventures,” said Sherif Foda, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of NESR.

The key benefits of using Qube for emissions monitoring:

Cost Effective: Lowest-cost continuous monitoring solution, for real-time leak detection & emissions sising.

Highest Quality Data & Feed: Careful manufacturing calibration, with perpetual over-the-air (OTA) tuning in the field.

Security & Integration: Cloud agnostic, and data feed easily incorporated to existing operations dashboards.

Easy Installation: Set up a device in under 30 minutes without having to tie to direct power or wired communication channels.

Multi-Use: Detect up to four different gases in addition to methane.

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