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Visualise and manage your safety procedures

Health & Safety

Easily manage your safety procedures with LINK360 Software from Brady and enjoy a free 30 days trial

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining a safe facility is information management. There are Lockout/Tagout procedures, confined space permits, maintenance schedules and other important documents. They all need to be regularly updated and reviewed.

At Brady, we provide personalised consultation services to improve employee safety, productivity and equipment reliability, both today and down the road.

Link360™ Software gives you a complete view of the activities associated with creating, reviewing and updating visual information.

Link360 Software enables users to create, scale, update and validate visually instructive safety procedures. The software provides an easy way to keep safety procedures accurate, compliant and sustainable in multiple facilities.

• Create clear and easy-to-follow, visually instructive safety procedures

• Quickly scale and deploy standardised and approved safety procedures across facilities

Easily complete procedures using a smartphone

Link360 phone 340x500Link360 phone 340x500The Smart Lockout App sends the most recently approved, and relevant Lockout/Tagout procedures from LINK360 to the smartphones of coworkers servicing specific machines. Via their smartphone, coworkers receive one lockout instruction at a time and can confirm its completion before receiving the next step. The smart lockout app can send a report back to LINK360 including all lockout procedure steps marked as completed.

Watch the short video and discover benefits of LINK360 Software >>


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