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SafeStart's latest advice on preventing serious injuries

There are many misconceptions around the causes of serious injuries. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Health & Safety

Larry Wilson, author and CEO, SafeStart, explains that there are other beliefs or perspectives besides false concepts of danger that are also inaccurate

What causes serious injuries? Not what you've been told...

What if I told you that workplace safety isn't just about being lucky?

In the fourth article of the Paradigm Shifts series, "Skill vs. Luck / Reflexes and SIF’s," we uncover the critical difference between relying on chance and mastering the right skills and keeping up with your reflexes.

This article explains that what really causes the majority of serious injuries isn’t what we’ve been told, and the importance of eyes and mind on task.

So, to help get to the bottom of all this, let’s go back to what has happened to us: Our personal risk pyramid.

Personal Risk Pyramid Article 4 Paradigm Shift Series


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About the Author

Larry Wilson is one of the most influential thought leaders in safety. He is the author of SafeStart, an advanced safety awareness training programme, and he provides a different perspective on serious injuries in his two books: Inside Out: Rethinking Traditional Safety Management Paradigms (co-author Gary Higbee) and Defenseless Moments.