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Real-time connected solutions to revolutionise gas detection

Health & Safety

MSA Safety outlines the benefits of real-time, calibrated and bump-tested data to improve workplace safety, reduce loss-time incidents and protect the industrys most valuable asset: its workers

Remote workforces, by their very nature, leave safety managers disconnected from what’s happening onsite and on the job. So what is a disconnected and distant manager meant to do in the event of an unsafe incident? Well, they can ensure that lone workers are not alone, thanks to the visibility provided by a connected platform.

If workers, worksites and workflows are not connected, there is likely to be excessive lag time between incident and information which can prove costly to worker safety and infrastructure. 

With connectivity-enabled real-time data, safety managers can have continuous situational awareness with the ability to see the state of workers and monitor their safety behaviours. This allows them to act as swiftly as possible in response to incidents or concern warnings. Additional benefits include simplified compliance and improved productivity.

A connected work platform can seamlessly integrate connected workers, workflows, and worksites to help build and maintain a flexible and proactive safety programme that only improves with time.

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