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Petroleum industry safety book released

Health & Safety

An author and engineer of 30 years has published a book on safety in the petroleum industry titled Site Safety Handbook for the Petroleum Industry

Nigerian Chidi Venantius Efobi wrote book after seeing the need for a simplified safety guide to cater for the needs of all on-site workers in the oil and gas industries.

The book, described by publishers Partridge Singapore, as “a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand guidebook for occupational safety for all workers with differing experience levels”, explains occupational safety requirements for exploration, drilling, construction, operation and maintenance activities.

The author, however, was keen to stress the need for caution in applying the book’s rules.

“The safety measures stated in this book are just generic guidelines and should not be taken as standards,” said Efobi. “It does not remove the liability from the reader to use sound engineering practice and established standards to make judgments in specific situations he/she encounters.”

Chidi Venantius Efobi received a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Nigeria in 1985 and then went on to work for Oando Energy Services, Shell and Saudi Aramco in the petroleum industry.