MSA Safety introduces hard hat with cooling technology

Health & Safety

MSA Safety, the global leader in the development of safety solutions that help to protect people and facility infrastructures, has introduced the V-Gard C1 hard hat, featuring first-of-a-kind technology that can reduce the temperature inside of the hard hat by up to 11 degrees Celsius

The patent-pending ReflectIR thermal barrier technology is applied to the inside of the hard hat and reduces the penetration of the sun’s infrared rays into the hard hat, similar to the benefits of a windshield sunshade. In addition to the barrier, the C1 features:

• Strategically placed vents to improve airflow through the hard hat, allowing for hot air to flow more efficiently out of the shell;

• An expanded brim design that provides more shade and greater sun protection; and

• A moisture-wicking sweatband made of a breathable foam padding for additional comfort.

“Our customers are telling us that heat-related hazards, such as heat stress, are among the top health and safety hazards faced by workers today on jobsites,” said Greg Martin, MSA Safety’s vice president of product strategy and development. “With the V-Gard C1’s unique features, the inside of the hard hat doesn’t trap as much heat. As a result, the helmet helps workers feel cooler on the job when working in the sun.”

Some of the occupations most impacted by high heat-related hazards include those working at heights, on construction sites, and in the oil and gas industry. According to published research from NASA, when temperatures are at 32 degrees Celsius, worker productivity can drop as much as 29%, and worker error can increase up to 300%.

The increasing number of heat-related injuries and deaths among workers has raised concerns with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This year, OSHA launched a National Emphasis Program targeted at protecting workers from heat-related illnesses on the job. According to OSHA, more than 3,500 workers in the United States suffer heat-related injuries and illness annually.

“We’ve been working to develop this solution for several years as part of our commitment to help keep workers safe and comfortable,” Martin said. “We’ve worked diligently to address heat-related concerns, and the V-Gard C1 Hard Hat represents the latest innovation and investment in our industry-leading hard hat line to do just that.”

While the V-Gard C1 works best at reducing internal temperature in sunny conditions, it can be used anywhere a traditional Type 1 hard hat is used. The C1 is compatible with most full brim V-Gard accessories and is customisable beyond the standard nine available colours. Additionally, the C1 can be configured with reflective striping and logos in multiple locations for a truly customisable hard hat. 

To learn more about the V-Gard C1 Hard Hat, click here. To watch a video on the V-Gard C1, click here.