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Minimise risk. Maximise efficiency

Health & Safety

Discover easy-to-use identification solutions to maximise power generation and supply

Ship and platform maintenance interventions can be made safer and more efficient with reliable safety identification solutions. Brady Corporation offers IMO-compliant solutions that survive marine conditions. Get inspired by Brady’s offshore identification solutions in the free downloadable guidebook!

Protect crews 

Moving parts, residual energies, premature machine energisation, slips and falls: maintenance interventions can be extremely risky if not properly prepared. Keep your full crew safe and operational with safety solutions that limit risks related to moving machine parts and machine spills. Isolate machines from their energy supply with dedicated Lockout/Tagout solutions, and lock any machine in the off-position while maintenance is ongoing. In addition, avoid slips and falls by quickly absorbing and removing any oil or grease spills in seconds, without leaving any residue, using professional meltblown polypropylene spill control solutions.

Discover ship and offshore energy identification solutions 

No time to waste 

No ship or platform stays in port or under maintenance longer than needed. Minimising risk and maximising efficiency enables great maintenance interventions that return capital assets for duty in the most optimal way. Save time by quickly checking which assets need repair or replacement. Scan a QR-code with a tablet or smartphone to initiate predefined and customisable asset inspection templates. These enable accurate and automated asset inspection logs and reports that can be sSafety solutions reducedhared automatically with relevant stakeholders. Any damaged safety warnings can swiftly be replaced with quality alternatives using Brady Workstation design apps and the BBP85 Multicolour Sign & Label Printer.

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Your specifications 

Our signs and markers, either preprinted or created at your location, are designed to resist oil, grease, weathering and salt. They have been tested against international standards to stay attached and remain legible for 12 years in marine conditions. They are fully customisable and can be adapted to your specifications. Our complete offer also includes EU Marine Equipment Directive and IMO-compliant halogen-free and photoluminescent signs and labels, as well as aluminium plates in all shapes and sizes.

Offshore Energy guide ENOffshore energy identification guidebook

The guide Maintain platform safety and efficiency offers a high-level overview of the identification and safety solutions Brady offers to customers in offshore energy.

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