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ADNOC takes centre stage at HSE Forum 2023

Health & Safety

On 1 and 2 November, 2023, ADNOC will take centre stage at Dubais annual HSE Forum. With two keynote presentations, ADNOC will exclusively address how to break workplace silos with effective communication and how to cultivate an effective Health and Safety leadership culture

Hassan Alhammadi, ADNOC’s HSE Manager will tackle the first topic by first addressing the negative impact of communication silos and how they can increase the risk of responding to emergencies as well as creating an impaired organisational culture.

He will then demonstrate how employing regular training and audit methods to foster open communication between departments can help identify gaps and facilitate information exchange to improve productivity at the workplace.

Finally Mr Alhammadi’s presentation will guide delegates to understand the methods to dismantle silos and ensure attendee organisations can exceed their HSE standards.

ADNOC’s Senior HSE Engineer, Sultan Karrani, will follow this presentation with an exclusive session focused on leadership culture that will detail how large organisations, like ADNOC, cultivate their HSE leadership via engagement with site visits, hazard analysis and continuous improvement.

To read more about ADNOC’s keynote presentations and more to come at this year’s HSE Forum, access the complete agenda here: