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Iraq invites bids for 11 gas blocks

Exploration & Production

Iraq’s Oil Ministry is launching the sixth bid round, offering 11 gas blocks

The Ministry's June 18 announcement of the sixth bid round builds further on momentum from its February signing of six contracts — including four gas blocks — that had originally been awarded in the fifth bid round in 2018, according to the Iraq Oil Report. The Ministry then announced in May a "five-plus" round for 13 oil and gas blocks, including some that had been offered but not awarded in the fifth round.

Eight of the 11 blocks are located in western Anbar province, one in the northern city of Mosul and two others are located along province borders, including one between Anbar region with Mosul and another with Iraq's southern city of Naja, according to an Oil Ministry statement. 

Iraq urgently needs to boost its gas resources for petrochemical and fertiliser industries and the operation of its power plants.

Iraq’s Oil Minister Hayan Abdel Ghani invited companies interested in participating in the sixth round to submit their applications to the contract and licensing department at the Ministry