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Zero Petroleum signs agreement with ADNOC for synthetic fuel production plant

The plant would focus on commercial-scale production using Zero’s breakthrough fuel technology. (Image source: Zero Petroleum)

Zero Petroleum, one of the world’s leading producers of carbon neutral synthetic fuel, has signed an agreement with ADNOC, to explore potential opportunities to develop a new plant in the UAE

The plant would focus on commercial-scale production of 100% carbon neutral drop-in fuels using Zero’s breakthrough DirectFT fuel technology. 

Zero has developed a revolutionary process to manufacture fossil-free gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from just air and water, offering a scalable and sustainable solution to the planet’s future energy needs. The company secured the Guinness World Records title of “first aircraft powered by synthetic fuel” two years ago and recently announced a collaboration with Rolls-Royce to further develop its fuels for aviation, marine and industrial use.

The agreement aims to assess plans for a large-scale plant combining Zero’s proprietary technology with green hydrogen, renewable power and carbon capture. This could lead to the joint provision of fossil-free fuels across a variety of sectors, including aviation.

Zero CEO Paddy Lowe said, “This represents a special moment, not just for Zero but for the fuel industry as a whole. Our technology allows us to produce superior gasoline, jet and diesel which is 100% fossil free and has a 100% drop in quality. We are delighted to partner with such an industry leading and global company such as ADNOC. This partnership will accelerate our trajectory towards achieving large-scale production of our synthetic fuels.”

Zero fuels can be used directly in existing engines and can be made at unlimited scale. Synthetic fuels have the potential to de-fossilise numerous critical sectors and industries, with Zero predicting cost parity with fossil fuels within a decade.