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Transforming depleted gas fields to underground storage

Underground hydrogen storage site in Austria. (Image source: RAG Austria AG)

Utilising depleted gas fields for hydrogen and CCS is a transformative strategy with far-reaching implications for the global energy landscape 

However, the transition of gas fields into storage facilities presents challenges

 • Water encroachment 

• Expansion during depletion tends to mask heterogeneity 

• Efficiency of displacing water is a direct consequence of heterogeneity, requiring meticulous reservoir characterisation and well planning 

• Seasonal storage requires rates an order of magnitude higher compared to depletion.

There are also specific challenges for hydrogen storage.

Leading the charge

Austria-headquartered Underground Energy Storage Technologies (UEST) is leading the charge in overcoming the challenges and providing strategic advice. In an article for Oil Review Middle East, UEST discusses gas storage challenges and specific challenges for hydrogen, Austria’s emergence as a global technology leader in hydrogen storage within depleted gas fields and UEST’s role at the forefront of hydrogen projects and actively contributing to CCS advisory services for operators worldwide.

You can read the article in the latest issue of Oil Review Middle East here.