Microsoft launches energy software development platform at ADIPEC

The platform will improve data management, operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and new solution deployment for energy companies. (Image Source: Microsoft)

Azure Data Manager for Energy is an enterprise-grade OSDU Data Platform solution, improving the development and rollout of energy software applications

Launched at ADIPEC 2023, Azure Data Manager for Energy collates and analyses data from a host of different sources, offering operators a suite of tools to process the data and garner insights on energy production, consumption and efficiency.

This process alone streamlines application development and deployments, guaranteeing rollouts are supported with informed decisionmaking based on inarguable data.

Naim Yazbeck, Microsoft UAE's general manager, explained, "Azure Data Manager for Energy represents a significant step forward in empowering energy companies across the UAE and the region. 

"By offering a robust and scalable data management solution, we aim to assist these organizations in improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and ultimately making data-driven decisions that will shape the future of the energy sector."

At ADIPEC 2023, Microsoft is spotlighting the full capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability suite, featuring the Environmental Credit Service. 

"We believe that technology plays an important role in helping the energy industry decarbonise. This requires balancing the energy needs and industry practices of today while inventing and deploying those of tomorrow.

"Microsoft is committed to supporting energy companies across the region with their net zero carbon targets by driving impact through new technology, innovation, and collaboration,” concluded Yazbeck.