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Shell Global Solutions licenses technology to Kirkuk refinery


Shell Global Solutions recently signed three licence agreements with the state-owned North Refineries Company of Iraq in Kirkuk, Northern Iraq.

Shell Global Solutions will provide a process licence and basic engineering package for a kerosene hydrotreater, a diesel hydrotreater and a vacuum gasoil (VGO) hydrocracker unit as part of the agreement. Each agreement includes the grant of a licence to Shell proprietary technology and the provision of engineering services.

Agreements for the supply of catalysts and reactor internals are expected to be signed in the future as part of the deal. Based on Shell's experience as both an owner and an operator, these licensed technologies are likely to provide North Refineries Co. with an integrated solution that will help optimise operations at the new refinery.

"Our agreement demonstrates Shell Global Solutions' commitment to Iraq, as part of the Shell Group's long-term strategy in the country. We are involved in oil production through our Majnoon field operations and we signed a Heads of Agreement (HOA) in 2008 to capture and monetise gas being flared in the Southern Iraq fields. We are now entering the downstream sector in Iraq, a key growth market," said Süleyman Özmen, Vice President Licensing, Shell Global Solutions.

"The award follows a transparent and competitive bid. We expect these licensed technologies will support us in creating a modern refinery in Kirkuk," said Deputy Oil Minister, Al-Shamma.

Exports for Iraq as a whole are roughly 2.0 million bpd, out of total production that has now reached 2.7 million bpd.