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Schlumberger open sources data ecosystem


Oilfield services company Schlumberger will open-source its data ecosystem and contribute to The Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) Forum to accelerate the delivery of the OSDU Data Platform

The OSDU Forum is an international forum of oil and gas operators, cloud services companies, technology providers, suppliers of applications to oil and gas operators, academia and other standards organisations working together to develop an open, standards-based, data platform that will bring together exploration, development and wells data.

Schlumberger’s data ecosystem is based on the core components of the DELFI cognitive E&P environment. Making it an open-source will enable collection, integration, management, enrichment and discovery of upstream oil and gas data.

Oil and gas companies will be able to accelerate their digital progress by moving data to the cloud using the OSDU Data Platform, enabling a seamless experience when deploying their applications or adapting the DELFI applications to their needs.

Rapid improvements in data control and integration across enterprise data sources, operations and security will be enabled. An ecosystem is created where customers, vendors and academia across and beyond the E&P industry can contribute their software code and promote their digital solutions.

Ashok Belani, executive vice-president, Technology, Schlumberger, said, “The Schlumberger open-source data ecosystem contribution to the OSDU Forum is an important step to enable a rapid pace of innovation and agility for our customers.”

“We are committed to supporting the development of an updated OSDU Data Platform, which, together with the contributions of others, will provide unique capabilities and experience. This technology collaboration will revolutionise the E&P workflows from traditional ways of working by bringing them into the digital future,” he added.

Steve Nunn, The Open Group CEO, commented, “Schlumberger has extensive expertise in the deployment of data in the oil and gas industry, and this contribution to The Open Group Open Subsurface Data Universe Forum is hugely significant.”

“This collaboration will help us to make strides in the development of technology standards to transform the way we store, share and analyse subsurface data and, by fostering innovation in the field, we will enable those in the industry to operate more freely and be part of an open ecosystem.”

Schlumberger stated that its contribution will enable the OSDU Forum to accelerate its open-source technology while protecting the principles and drivers of its community. The collaboration will provide speed, diverse involvement, flexibility and retention of business continuity.

It added that customers can leverage the investment that they have already made and avoid creating fragmentation of data and workflows that inhibits collaboration or creates barriers to innovation within the industry.