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Rugged equipment for a harsh environment


WEG Electric Corp., one of the largest suppliers of electric motors and related control equipment is helping EN-FAB Inc. to achieve demanding production targets in a major steam injection recovery project for Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) to reverse Omans declining oil production.

Injection technology is a process where heavy viscous oil is thermally stimulated to improve recovery. With depletion of global oil resources being a common problem, injection technology is now increasingly used.

EN-FAB Inc's considerable expertise in steam recovery was pivotal in being contracted by PDO to design and install 100mm Btu/hr steam generators in the Omani oil field, which, incidentally, is situated on a vast gravel desert plain, and subject to regular sand storms and some of the world's highest recorded temperatures.

WEG motor control packages to EN-FAB comprise of low maintenance motors, rugged CFW-09 inverter drives and direct-on-line (DOL) starting controls.

To date, WEG has delivered 34 motor control systems to control multiple motors on the oilfield. Each system comprises WEG's CFW-09 Series variable frequency (VF) drives and customised control packages with DOL starting.

This equipment helps run the main and booster pumps that supply water to the steam generators, as well as the large fans for combustion air to the burner assembly. EN-FAB has also requested other equipment vendors to supply two and four-pole WEG motors on their equipment to complement the use of the WEG VF drives and controls.

"In Oman, ambient desert temperatures can regularly exceed 50 degrees C in the hot season; and sand storms are prevalent," said Michael Smith, WEG's Automation Sales Engineer. "So it's critical to have rugged, low-maintenance motors, variable frequency drives, and control packages capable of reliable and repeatable performance.