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'Revolutionary’ tank gauging system launched


Emerson Process Management announced the launch of the new Raptor tank gauging system.

The system is based on open technology and is fully scalable. As a result, it is easy to install exactly the devices needed today as well as adding or replacing units tomorrow. This means outstanding flexibility that will protect your investment for a long time. With Raptor, refineries and tank farms can easily become efficient.

The Raptor system includes new safety technologies to help protect plant assets, the environment and human lives. One example is the unique 2-in-1 functionality - with two independent gauges in one single enclosure - providing SIL 3 safety for overfill prevention.

There are also a number of other dual redundant configurations available to suit individual tank safety requirements. Raptor is built around a new line of 0.5 mm (0.02 in.) precision radar level gauges, plus ultra stable temperature transmitters with 3- or 4-wire multiple spot sensors.

The result is the highest available precision in net volume calculations for custody transfer and inventory management. Equipment such as pressure and water bottom measurement sensors can also be added as well as operator interface software.

Having access to reliable and accurate tank content information in real time is key to high plant efficiency, as the operators can handle even more tanks, fill the tanks higher and better utilize the storage capacity.