Reduce oil and gas downtime in disruptive times

Edited Pic 307 x 210In a volatile market, oil and gas companies cannot afford to rest on their laurels

In addition to the primary focus on health, safety and environment (HSE), they are also looking for opportunities to ensure healthy margins — by reducing wastage and extracting more value from available assets and resources. Identifying areas of improvement is the first step to achieving cost savings and operational efficiency.

Departments often work in silos despite sharing the same assets. Different departments generate their own plans before trying to incorporate everything into one cohesive plan, this locks up valuable data behind the silos. Visibility over all operations is crucial, though, has to result in something actionable to be truly valuable.

A major factor in enabling actionable visibility is the effective use of existing data to plan for the future. Without an accurate, real-time view of all available data sources, it’s hard to know which fires to put out first, much less take effective action to protect the bottom line.

Every disruption is top priority

When you break down silo’s and have a perfect integrated plan, we all know in real life never everything goes according to that plan. Every decision costs money, and a disruption — no matter how small — has the potential to throw a wrench in an oil and gas company’s operations.

Unexpected disruptions take away valuable time and resources that could be spent on maintaining the upkeep and performance of these assets. If the drilling rig is rented for three months for US$1mn per day, the company must be able to align all its resources to maximise the use of the drilling rig, offset the rental cost and deliver satisfactory profits. This means planners must quickly free up resources previously allocated for other jobs in order to manage disruption. If they are not managed quickly, production can come to a halt, costs can escalate, and lives can be at risk.

What the right planning and optimisation solution can offer you:

-KPI-based planning

With real-time decision-making support, your planners can accurately calculate how much oil is not being extracted due to other activities such as maintenance, training or drilling. Plus, they can track specific KPIs to predict the impact of decisions before implementing any plan.

-An integrated planning environment

Fragmented planning solutions — ones that address individual processes or timeframes — severely limit visibility and control. By offering an integrated activity planning environment with a single source of truth across all departments, all stakeholders see the same results and have access to the same data sets.

-A perfect fit

The right solution must be able to adapt to your exact operational requirements, taking into account your company’s rules, regulations and requirements, unique assets, safety requirements and business processes. It must also seamlessly integrate into existing IT systems without complications or loss of data.

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