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Kuwait Oil Company launches oil lakes bidding process


The Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has started the process of cleaning up Kuwaits oil lakes by issuing a tender as part of the UNs US$3.5bn war compensation programme

According to Canadian Oil Recovery and Remediation Enterprises (CORRE), the tender was issued to all pre-qualified soil remediation providers and will cover a field demonstration project, which would act as a precursor to the future oil lake soil remediation tenders. CORRE's MENA operating partner SAR will be among those preparing to submit its application by the 1 December 2013 deadline.

Kuwait has also issued an Invitation for Proposal to international soil remediation service providers to present their technologies for the treatment of sludge and soil remediation of the Kuwait oil lakes.

CORRE CEO John Lorenzo said, "For the last few years, we have been building a comprehensive knowledge of sludge treatment, soil washing and soil remediation in preparation for the works required for the clean-up of the Kuwait oil lakes. We have also tested and optimised our advanced equipment systems in order to implement the combined technologies of our MENA operating partnership.

"Due to the magnitude of the contamination, we view the KuwaitOilLakes clean-up business as long-term. We are eager and proud to be part of this massive environmental clean-up for many years to come, and to bid for the multiple high value projects it will entail," he added.

KOC will hope the project will clean up 40 to 60 million tonnes of heavy sludge and oil contaminated soil, which has affected 340 oil lakes across a region measuring 114 sq km.