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Fotech launch next-generation Helios DAS systems


Fotech, a bp launchpad company and pioneer in fibre enabled Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) technology, has launched two next-generation Helios DAS systems at the International Pipeline Expo in Calgary, Canada, between 27 and 29 September 2022

The new Helios DAS TL4 (single-channel) and the Helios DAS TX4 (dual channel) interrogators deliver lower false alarm rates and enhanced monitoring and incident detection. They incorporate new machine learning capabilities, which allows a faster, cost effective and more systematic deployment of solutions in long linear assets such as pipelines and perimeters.

Senior product manager at Fotech, Pedro Barbosa, said, “The new Helios DAS TL4 and Helios DAS TX4 interrogators take monitoring of pipelines, critical infrastructure and perimeters to the next level. The machine learning that is built into them means they deliver exceptional accuracy with a much-reduced false alarm rate.

“As a result, users have extremely high confidence in alarms, and don’t waste precious time or resource investigating false alarms.”

Fotech’s innovative DAS technology turns fibre optic cables into thousands of sensors, to enable continuous, uninterrupted and real-time monitoring around the clock.

The new Helios DAS TL4 and TX4 include NVIDIA GPU-accelerated computing to provide advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and edge computing capabilities, which enables the process data in real-time, much more quickly than previous systems. In turn, this speed enables faster deployment in the field, ensuring accidental or malicious threats are dealt with quickly.

The new systems also have lower energy requirements of 165W compared to older versions, saving energy costs for the user.