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Enerpac lift system launched in Oman


Muscat Khimji Ramdas Oil and Gas division has launched Enerpacs synchronous lifting technology in Oman.

The technology can be deployed in the oil and gas sector besides construction, power plants, reactors and other related industries. The Enerpac Synchronous Lift System is a combination of digital control, switching and monitoring devices.

Due to the large infrastructure in plants, reactors and production areas, the new technology will help in lifting, lowering, positioning of large and complex structures regardless of weight distribution.

Nailesh Khimji, Director of Khimji Ramdas, said the company had wanted to bring specialised engineering services to Oman for a while. He said: "Through this specific software, the lifting and lowering will be extremely accurate. The lift system can lift even the heaviest loads with a controlled accuracy of 1mm."

Fash Shahrokni, managing director of Enerpac, said the company's Synchronous Lifting solutions technology would benefit the oil and gas sector besides power plants, reactors, heavy machinery, and other related industries in Oman.

Synchronised lifting helps to improve the movement of heavy machinery while lifting, lowering, structure levelling, oil platform lifting and weighing, tunnel jacking and pushing and bridge lifting.