Utilise best-in-class conversion technology to monetise sulphur emissions


In the face of challenging economic conditions and increasing ESG concerns, reducing costs and minimising environmental footprint are top priorities for operators of refineries and petrochemical plants

On Tuesday 8 June 2021 at 2:00pm (UAE), Oil Review Middle East is hosting a webinar in association with P&P Industries AG, a globally active green technology player specialised in waste gas treatment, entitled ‘Utilise best-in-class conversion technology to monetise sulphur emissions’.

Martin Joksch – head of sales, Paul Piantino – business development manager and Peter Matheisl – senior sales manager at P&P Industries AG will present a case study on the commercial and environmental benefits of redesigning refineries’ and petrochemical industries’ cast filter processes to offer a profitable sulphur recycling function.

Attendees will:

• Understand how the combination of cutting-edge expertise can effectively convert sulphuric waste to commercial grade acid, SO2, SO3 or all, offering refineries and petrochemical plants a profitable waste mechanism

• Utilise unique practice processes to reduce emissions tenfold to guarantee your refinery easily achieves emission targets and complies with regulations

• Eliminate sulphur depots and understand how to make an alkylation plant profitable by producing oleum or even electronic grade acid from your waste.

If you are responsible for higher returns on effective waste management in your company, and are interested in learning how to monetise your sulphuric waste while also making your business sustainable, register for this insightful presentation here: https://alaincharlestraining.com/webinar/p-p

For further information please get in touch with Monisha Antony, project manager – Webinars, Oil Review Middle East. Tel: +44 (0) 20 7834 7676, email: events@alaincharles.com.