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GE Intelligent Platforms recently announced the availability of the latest version of Proficy Troubleshooter and Proficy Cause+ Version 5.0.

The solution enables an intelligent form of causal analysis, proactive alarming and decision support so users can react faster and/or correct issues before a problem occurs.

Troubleshooter and Cause+ utilize leading-edge technology deliver powerful analytical abilities to transform data into actionable information resulting in reduced downtime, waste, and rework as well as improved OEE, quality, throughput and visibility into operations.

The Proficy Troubleshooter/Cause+ solution is a value-added product to Proficy Historian that enables the user to obtain more value, using multivariate analysis on historical data.

It enables companies to look at historical data, determine causes of variation, put active intelligent monitoring in place and, now with v5.0, trigger operational workflows based on intelligent data based rules and/or models.