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Explosion analysis software

Intergraph has interfaced Smart 3D (SmartPlant and SmartMarine 3D) design software with GexCons FLACS explosion analysis software to enable users to analyze the design of their onshore or offshore facilities more quickly and with greater accuracy as they analyze impacts of explosions.

Intergraph Smart 3D rules-based design software helps users to build safety into plants early in the design process, enforcing regulation and engineering standards to increase safety, productivity and quality of operations. The rules based engineering design capabilities ensure compliance with many of the world's industry and safety standards organizations bodies.

GexCon's FLACS has been the leading tool for explosion consequence prediction on offshore oil and gas installations for more than a decade. Ideal for chemical, oil and gas, power and other plants involved in the handling or manufacturing of explosive or flammable materials or pressurized liquids and gases, the safety management software configuration helps identify safety risks early in the design phase thus improving safety and design quality and reduces higher costs for late corrections during construction and operation phases.